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Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL Full Guide to Tips and Tricks Plus Hidden Features: Plus intro to Android Oreo

This video is a full how to guide to tips and tricks plus hidden features for novice and advanced users to get you started with #AndroidOreo and Google’s #Pixel2 or #Pixel2XL devices. #TipsAndTricks and #HiddenFeatures.

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27 thoughts on “Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL Full Guide to Tips and Tricks Plus Hidden Features: Plus intro to Android Oreo”

  1. ? Forgot to mention in the video:
    #1) You can change the application icon shapes, once "Developer Options" is enable then you can change the icon shape by going to "Home Settings" – "Change icon shape".
    #2) YouTube Picture in Picture is only available for YouTube RED members. But there's a workaround. Open YouTube website in Chrome, then select from the Chrome menu "Request Desktop Site", make sure to play the video in full screen mode. Once the video is playing in full screen, tab the home key button and Chrome should go into Picture in Picture mode. ?
    Note: As always SHARE the video as much as you like, social media sites, blobs, emails, posted and keep posting!!! ???

  2. I tried to find the Chrome Home, but that option doesn't appear to exist with the 2XL I just got. There's various Chrome Home options, but not the exact one you pointed out. The others aren't apparent as to which this would apply to. Suggestions? Great vid, by the way. Lot's of helpful stuff here, thanks!

  3. Excellent guide. Quick, detailed, advanced and to the point. Very glad I watched this. Definitely some essential things everyone needs to know like the 4k video, and many other great customisations too. Thanks! 🙂

  4. When I make a video for half an hour my Google Pixel 2, this video is always saved in parts of 11 minutes and not as one whole video of 30 minutes. Why? How can I change this?

  5. Great video, as former iPhone user converted to Android (I'm using a Chinese Android phone till I get my Pixel 2 XL) and your guide is very insightful and detailed, the Pixel 2 XL is everything I want in an Android phone having used a Nexus 6 before, great job.

  6. Tony. I have two questions about my Pixel 2. Maybe you can help. First I noticed that the pinching while YouTube is full screen to make it bigger is not working, never worked by me. Second, I was wondering if it is possible to turn the Bluetooth automatically off when the paired Bluetooth device is out of reach, and on again when the paired device is recognized again. For example in the car. Now I always have to set Bluetooth on, on my Pixel 2 to connect.

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