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SECRET CODES for Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge

In this video I will show you some “secret” codes for Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge G930F, G935F (Android 6.0.1).You can use this codes to check hardware and software version of your phone, to diagnose the phone problems or to ensure you that your phone is working correctly.
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Here are the codes:
*#06# IMEI Number
*#1234# Software Version
*#12580*369# …

26 thoughts on “SECRET CODES for Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge”

  1. This is all very interesting and I tried *#2663# I can see most of it, except the WIFI firmware because it is empty. Bluetooth is fine. If I try to refresh, the phone reboots. What is happening ?? I understand that the wifi firmware could be toasted but how ?? All I know it was working on 6.0.1 then I rooted and downgraded to 5.1.1, and could not get wifi to work anymore.

  2. Dear Sir, how to check battery status (Like battery is in good condition or not), whether my phone is refurbished or not (As I am going to buy a second hand phone), how many days/hours it has been used. Thanks in advance

  3. Do you have the WLAN or WIFI diag code my friend? I've tried every codes i could find on Google but still not worked for my s7e.


  4. hi sir thanks for this information
    I also have a Galaxy s7edge coz I bye just yesterday but somebody told me this is not original and not fake,,,, like no 1 (between)
    but I saw your and follow the instructions all app is work properly in my Mobil,,,,,, just I ask you one thing,, is this possible between the original and fake

  5. Do you know a way to increase my s7 volume, my phone doesn't get very loud. I'm trying to increase the volume of my bluetooth speaker by increasing the volume of my phone. yes my BT is maxed out aswell.

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